Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Fun Day

The boys are off of school today and my husband is combining corn 
with his we are having a fall fun day. 

 It is 2:00 in the afternoon, the wind is blowing and a few sprinkles of rain are hitting the ground...soup is simmering and we are still in our pj's.  Perfect.  

The fall decorations have been up for a few weeks, but today we added a few touches of Halloween.  Here are a few pictures the boys took.  

Haunted house and spooky tree. 

New bats from Lewes, Delaware hang from the chandelier.  


Haunted house and a splash of orange.  

Fall pillows.  

Pumpkins in my old wagon that I adore. 


I have had this pumpkin person for years.  

A friend from Luther Memorial Home in Mayville made these and sold tons of them to her co-workers.  It is still one of my favorite decorations to pull out. 
I have great memories of LMH and the people there.  

Anyway...Casey added a few pirate accessories this year.  Funny.  

Grandpa Pete's spider.  

My Grandparents old player piano is adorned with pumpkins and pictures.  

Hey. Where you going?  

This motion sensor skull was Grandpa Pete's and it still freaks us out!  

We added a few masks, hats and wigs to our pumpkins.  Love it.  

This is a tattoo...for a pumpkin.  Pretty neat. 

I love fall pots.  

Fall is in the air...and now it's a little spookier on Island Road.  

Enjoy your day.  


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