Saturday, March 2, 2013

Easy as ABC

I have had this idea pinned on Pinterest for a while.  
I started working on it on President's Day and finished it the next day. 
After waiting almost two weeks to have it husband did it this morning.  Yeah!  

The original sign measured 36x36 and she must have used 3" letters.  
I could only find 4" letters and I didn't want to wait to get I went with it.  

My sign is 42x42 and my blocks measure 7" square to accommodate the larger letter size. 
 It is BIG.  

I used a t-square to make nice square lines.  

Letters from Hobby Lobby.  
Not exactly the same font as an old typewriter...but again, I didn't want to wait.  

I drew circles in the center of each square and painted them old white...almost to the edge, but not quite. 

Here is where I forgot to keep taking pictures:)

In the center of the circle, I placed the vinyl letters and numbers.  Painted over them with black paint and peeled the sticker away when it was almost dry.  I did quite a few touch-ups, then I found a smaller circle to make the partial inner circles.  I finished it up with some sanding and then a darker wax.  

This thing is BIG!  I have big tall walls with lots of I had nowhere  to hang it.  

So it went in the bathroom.  

This is the arrangement I had in the guest bath before...these are now in my master bedroom:)  


Perfect size for the wall and I love the impact it has on the space.  

Hmmm...what should I work on next?  Painting my wood blinds?  Sure.  


Monday, January 28, 2013

Organizing My Life

Just like millions of other Americans, 
I resolved in 2013 to organize my life, eat better and exercise more.  

For the most part, I have had great success.  I have completed a couple major organizing tasks in my home, I hit the gym 3-4 times per week and we are eating lots of veggies and cutting carbs.  

My most recent organizing project was my home office.  
I share it with a fridge, freezer, washer, dryer and too many coats and pairs of shoes to count.  

My biggest frustration is that I have no drawers for all the little stuff.  
Yes, I had a great file cabinet...but my desk top was always covered with EVERYTHING.  
Plus, my work area was very left sided and I typically have an extra computer going and I was all squished in there.  Ugh.  



So after spending countless hours on Pinterest and looking for just the right file cabinet...I created this.  And I love it.  


The top is a $5 door from the bargain area at Menards.  I stained it, then added stripes in Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint.  I sealed it with a few coats of dark wax to age it.  

The file cabinets are from Walmart.  I looked everywhere and they were the only place that had what I wanted.  I'm big on quality and doing things right the first I hesitated a little, but when I saw the same ones at Target (wrong color), I was sold.  They were $40.  I initially bought two, but decided a third one would we'll add that one later. 

See the nice little drawer at the top.  Perfect.  

I had pinned this sign a long time a ago and still loved it as I was searching for some artwork.  This canvas has been painted with a dinosaur, words to remind my children to flush and now this.  Free!  

I snagged this paper holder from my son's has sat empty for two years.  Mine.  

I am loving it.  
Now it's time to get both computers going and pull out my files...I have work to do.  


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Emporer's Silk!!

Weird title, I know... but let me explain...  Renae & I decided last week to put in an order for more Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  With the holidays around the corner, we thought Emporer's Silk would be a fabulous color of red for some great pieces we have sitting in our garages.  Accent pieces are so fun to do in interesting, bright, bold colors!
This piece turned out amazing... I love it!  I wish I could keep it, but I won't do that b/c I'm sure someone who sees this will fall in love with the bold color choice & the great piece of furniture that it is.
The sky's the limit with this piece...  a bench at the entrance of your home, a bathroom accent piece, a short side table, etc.  It is stamped on the bottom with the words "bench", so obviously it is a bench, but who knows what else this great piece could be used for?
Thanks for stopping by & checking out all of our pieces!
dimensions: 22"wide x 15"deep x 16"tall

Sunday, October 28, 2012



Emperors Silk by Annie Sloan.  

This is a new color for us and I am in LOVE.  

I should have painted a big heart in the middle of the table...
that's how much i love it.  

I distressed is lightly and added an antique wax.  


20" square and 16.5" tall. 

Look for more pieces in this color. 


contact us at



Saturday, October 27, 2012

Map Of The World

  We "had" a big empty wall at the top of our stairs...
it needed something. But what?  

I was inspired this fall when I saw a large wall map from Ikea...
it was a canvas and had lots of details.  It looked like it would be perfect, 
but we don't have an Ikea within 500 miles from here. 

So, I improvised.  And I like it better. 


Big. Bare. Brown. Boring. 

I ordered a large, non-laminated map from Amazon.  It measures 48" x 77".  I rolled it out on the dining room table to let it flatten out.

My original plan was to cut the map apart and place it on these boards.  As I was laying it out, my husband suggested I use foam core.  He's brilliant!  

I dashed to Staples and bought 4 sheets of 30" x 40" black 
foam core board and started planning a layout.  

Using a sheetrock thingy and a sharp blade, I cut the core and the map.  Then, I sprayed the foam core with spray adhesive and smoothed on the map pieces.  

Easy peasy. Right?  

It was. Really!  

After. Love it.  
Our geography test scores will be off the charts!  

I used Command Strips to hang the boards with no issues.  

Isn't the spacing neat?  
I think it adds a little something.  
What?  I don't know...I just like it.  

Look at all the great details.  Hello Bismarck:)    

Enjoy your weekend.  


Friday, October 26, 2012

Holiday Entertaining would be fun with this Amazing Buffet!


beautiful in duck egg blue

 the distressing turned out so nice

the hardware is very unique

the large size of this buffet would make it perfect for holiday entertaining...

lots of storage inside for dishes/silverware/platters/etc.
Beth, from Not Too Shabby, called us up the other day wanting us to paint a quite oversized buffet.  We thought about it for a second or two & accepted this furniture challenge!!  The buffet is very large & has such a sophisticated look with the carvings on the doors & the beautiful hardware.
We met this morning @ Beth's store & got started.  Beth had picked Annie Sloan Chalk Paint's Duck Egg Blue.  Once painted, we let it dry, distressed it up, & applied a coat of antique, dark wax.  It turned out so beautiful.
If you are looking for a great piece that has lots of room for your holiday serving ware or just everyday kitchenware, this may be the right piece for you.  The amount of room to place holiday treats & meals is another important feature on this buffet!
If your interested in this beautiful, unique buffet or you enjoy looking for treasures, be sure to visit Beth's store @ the Gateway Mall & tell her the Green Briar Girls sent you!!
For Sale @ Not Too Shabby in the Gateway Mall
Have a great weekend & thanks for visiting!
Heather & Renae

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gorgeous in Green

Shiny Tan.  

Gorgeous Green and White.  

Love the handles and the details on the drawers. 

Heavy distressing and tinted wax 
give this piece a nice aged look.  

Measures:  18" deep, 52" long and 32" tall.  


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Monday, October 22, 2012

Beautiful in Blue



lots of room for magazines on either side

small drawer for a little storage

This magazine side table is just perfect if your looking for a small accent piece in your room.  Put a small lamp on top, place it next to a chair & enjoy a cup of coffee while reading your favorite magazine!  I could even see this piece in a bathroom with folded towels on the shelf & a basket of toiletries on the top.  Last suggestion...  a bedroom as a nightstand/magazine accent table!
I painted this piece with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Ambusson Blue.  The top & the drawer front were coated with 3 coats of Antique, dark wax.  The painted portion was also coated with the Antique, dark wax to create a more antique, aged piece of furniture.
Hope you enjoy its charm!
Thanks for looking,
dimensions:  wood top measures 20"wide x 18"deep
overall width 28"
height 24"