Wednesday, November 30, 2011



This dresser was given to us by Karlee...a sweet cousin.  
Thank you again for sharing this piece with us.  

This piece actually sat in my garage for a couple weeks...
I had lots of ideas for it, but kept searching for something that "struck" me.  
On Black Friday, I went to a fun little interior design shop in Bismarck, ND and found my inspiration.  They had a beautiful red dresser sitting front and center that was surrounded with Christmas decor.  I loved it and knew that red was perfect for this piece.  


The red is a bit more muted than reflected in the is a Christmas red, distressed and waxed with clear and dark waxes.  

Santa Baby played on the radio 15 times during my time refinishing this piece...ugh, I was too focused to change the station.  Should have brought the ipad out and turned on time.  

For Sale


18" deep, 40" wide and 50" tall

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dresser or buffet???



This dresser started out a very rutty cream color, but after 3 coats of white (on the drawers & the base), and then another 2 coats of Provence on the drawers, it got a fresh new look!

I love this as a dresser, but had an afterthought... it could be used as a buffet ~ it has a very long body & with a piece of artwork above, & a lamp on one side, I definitely think it could be a possibility (just a thought).....

57 1/2"w x 17 1/5"d x 31"tall





This piece is so cute ~ perfect for a small space ~ painted white, distressed, & waxed, it is ready for a little holiday decor!!

This little cutie can be found at Not Too Shabby in the Gateway Mall!

Available for purchase

Bold & Beautiful!



This is a big dresser ~ if your looking for a very large dresser with loads of character, this may be the one for you!  The dresser was painted an antique white, heavily distressed, & waxed.  I love the shabby chic/cottage look ~ what a difference paint makes!


Monday, November 21, 2011


This dresser was given to us by husbands cousin.  She is amazing and very resourceful.  Her home is filled with wonderful pieces with loads of character, awesome rugs, an amazing couch and of course, beautiful children.  

Thank you Karlee for thinking of us as you are "cleaning" out.  

I had been waiting for the perfect piece to try with some silver paint and this was it.  The body is painted black, distressed and waxed.  The drawers  are painted black, then silver, distressed and a hint of dark wax was added.  I love how it turned out.  

I think this piece would be perfect in a foyer flanked by chairs or in a bedroom with a crystal clear lamp with a fun shade.  

18" deep, 41" high, 34" wide

Available for purchase. 


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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cottage Bedroom Set

My mother-in-law, Kathy, asked us to paint her bedroom set for her...unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures before we started.  Again.  

We left the tops alone and painted the body of the pieces old white with a little distressing and wax.  We updated the hardware with a little spray paint.  

Look at the beadboard on the sides.  Perfect.  

This picture did not turn out is not pink.  
Oh well, it gives you a peak at the long dresser.  

That's better.

Cute little nightstand...again with the poor picture quality.  Ugh.  

Thanks Kathy for letting us invade your garage and 
transform your bedroom set.    

Love it.  

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Classic w/ A Twist!

Most of the original hardware was missing... not to mention, the top drawer...

before (the back was literally missing...  but, luckily, the people that Renae snagged this piece from, had the boards to give us)!  Needless to say, that is always a tricky part (putting everything back together)!

I used two pieces of the original hardware on the top drawer & added complimentary hardware on the others (adds some character)

Renae suggested putting a shelf in where the old drawer was & then adding these great new baskets

The "back" was pieced & glued together

My father-in-law cut a new piece of wood which serves as a shelf to hold the super cute & super functional baskets

I just love this dresser!!  It could be used in any room ~ baskets could be used for media/bathroom/bedroom/books, etc.  There is so much character in this piece, all you need to add is the room to put it in!!!

Thanks for visiting~~  Heather
33"w x 18 1/4"d x 46"h


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Retro Desk

This desk had been sitting in my garage for a month or so...I just couldn't decide what I wanted for this piece.  Initially I sanded the top down and stained it, but it didn't look right on such a modern piece.  

I thought white...glossy white.  But it was too white.  

So I added a little 'hot" pink to the drawers.  Now it is perfect.  

The drawers provide lots of storage space and 
the large one has removable dividers. 

Plus it has side storage compartments.  

This desk is very versatile.  
It can seat two people if set in a room like I have it or 
set it against the wall for one. 

Perfect for two little girls and their art projects.  

The removable top measures 30" wide and 43" long.  

Available for purchase ~ contact us at



Saturday, November 5, 2011

Typewriter Desk


(we had to give the hutch part a boot, b/c it was in very bad shape ~ it was tongue & groove in with the top of the desk, so lots of wood fill was used to "fill the void")


I love the character of this desk!  The "typewriter" stencils added some charm & whimsy to this piece!  I painted the desk in Graphite & then stenciled the numbers in Old White (both paints are from Annie Sloan).  Distressed & waxed, this pretty simple looking piece is ready to impress!!  This desk would be a great conversation piece in your home!

55"wide x 20"deep x 30"high


Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Hooked

This is my laundry room.'s a disaster.  It is actually a very useful space and envied by many, but today it must be in a bad mood.  

See that empty wall?  
Well, I have been wanting hooks running the entire length...12 feet. 

8" x 6' white boards

Painted Lemon Verbana by Sherwin Williams 
(same as the wall color)


Fumigating a couple of antique pieces that got moldy while in storage...nice.  

Wax paper taped on the wall...
this will allow me to wax the boards once they are hung. 

My husband...happily helping me with my project.  
He LOVES projects.  

I patiently waited for the hooks to be added...
my parents saved the day and finished the job for me.  

Look at that!  
A spot for the backpacks, beach towels and my painting clothes.  

I obviously tidied up the space for the "photo shoot." is my next project.  Ugh.  

Enjoy your weekend.  

Stay tuned...we have a couple pieces that will be available at Not Too Shabby, plus a dresser and a couple desks that will be available for purchase.