Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's All In The Details

This desk came to us from Kensal, ND.  
Home of the Florhaug family.  

While cleaning out the Grandma and Grandpa Florhaugs basement, 
they found a few pieces for us to re-do...thank you.  

This desk has a wonderful detail on the top, carved wooden 
drawer pulls and the base has great curves. Love.  

I decided to keep the top wood and paint the body.  The top was sanded down and treated it with some dark wax.  The base of the desk was painted Provence by ASCP.  I left the carved pulls as they were.  I think it is amazing.  

Distressed...just a little. 

Look at that sheen! 

I even painted the backside. Those panels are great.  

Here is a photo of the base with all those curves. 

21" wide, 42" long and 30" tall. 

Thanks for visiting.  


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