Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow and Ice

The title of this post, Snow and Ice, describes our 
weather today and the color of this piece.  

It started out brown, boring and dated.  Now it is ready to hit the town.  



The unique pulls received a fresh coat of paint.


I painted it Duck Egg Blue, heavily distressed it and 
used both clear and dark wax.  

I apologize for the lighting in my garage...I typically haul everything in for a "photo shoot,"  but my furniture mover was unavailable.  

I LOVE the unique details that stand out with the distressing.  

Do you like the handles?  

I have a greater appreciation for them now that the piece is no longer brown and the antique bronze spray paint freshened them up.  

36" wide, 45" tall and 18" deep


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Retro Shades of Pink!

before ~ knobs & handles missing (aughhhh)!

pretty in pink (on my ugly unfinished basement floor)!

I love it when my kitchen is filled with drawers (at least their colorful)!

Such a neat look!

Both of the dressers would look great together!

OK...  so yesterday I had my "shades of blue", now today.... surprise, "shades of pink"!

I know I mentioned this in the last post, but this retro furniture is awesome ~ solidly built, glides wonderful, & an overall great piece of furniture!!

This one was missing quite a bit of hardware also, so creativity was key!  Let me tell you, finding drawer pulls that fit the previous holes was not going to happen (I think I went to 3 home improvement stores & looked online for longer than I care to admit)!!!  I ended up buying some plates that covered the original holes & paired them with a knob.  I did use a little of the previous hardware & gave it all a fresh coat of brushed nickel spraypaint.

I really love these cool, retro pieces (especially b/c they have such great lines & are so funky)!!

Hope you like looking at them as much as I liked painting them!!



dimensions:  50"w x 18"d x 32 1/2"high


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shades of Blue


the dresser drawers painted in shades of blue


love the shades of blue.....

even the side of the dresser shows slivers of the blue

This dresser is very cool & vintage looking.  I'm thinking it dates back to the 1950-1960's & it is in near perfect condition.  The drawers glide beautifully & some of the hardware is original to the piece.  If you look at the "before", some of the hardware is missing.  I purchased some new hardware & gave all of it a fresh coat of brushed nickel spraypaint. 

Such a great solid, unique, & retro piece ~ hope you like it!!

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dimensions 36"w x 18"d x 44"high


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love Handles


This piece was given to us by my neighbor Stacy's moms, cousin.  Not sure how to use the comma's and apostrophes in this sentence.   Nice.  

I spent Valentines Day painting in my garage and I loved every minute of it. 
This dresser/buffet has some wonderful details and 
the curved front drawers are amazing. 

My day ended with a romantic dinner and chocolate fondue 
with my three favorite Valentines.   

It painted and distressed perfectly.  
The color is called Duck Egg Blue by Annie Sloan and it is one of my favorites.  

It has nine drawers that slide beautifully. 
I painted the "LOVE" handles with antique bronze

Love. The. Details. 

It has a very large mirror too.  
It is sturdy and could be used on top of the dresser, 
hung separately or used elsewhere. 

This piece could easily work as a buffet or a dresser.  

61" wide, 18" deep and 32" tall


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