Saturday, March 2, 2013

Easy as ABC

I have had this idea pinned on Pinterest for a while.  
I started working on it on President's Day and finished it the next day. 
After waiting almost two weeks to have it husband did it this morning.  Yeah!  

The original sign measured 36x36 and she must have used 3" letters.  
I could only find 4" letters and I didn't want to wait to get I went with it.  

My sign is 42x42 and my blocks measure 7" square to accommodate the larger letter size. 
 It is BIG.  

I used a t-square to make nice square lines.  

Letters from Hobby Lobby.  
Not exactly the same font as an old typewriter...but again, I didn't want to wait.  

I drew circles in the center of each square and painted them old white...almost to the edge, but not quite. 

Here is where I forgot to keep taking pictures:)

In the center of the circle, I placed the vinyl letters and numbers.  Painted over them with black paint and peeled the sticker away when it was almost dry.  I did quite a few touch-ups, then I found a smaller circle to make the partial inner circles.  I finished it up with some sanding and then a darker wax.  

This thing is BIG!  I have big tall walls with lots of I had nowhere  to hang it.  

So it went in the bathroom.  

This is the arrangement I had in the guest bath before...these are now in my master bedroom:)  


Perfect size for the wall and I love the impact it has on the space.  

Hmmm...what should I work on next?  Painting my wood blinds?  Sure.