Monday, October 15, 2012

Still Not Sure...

I bought two of these wicker chairs off of Bisman...and I spent way too much on them.  The seller let me bring one home to see how it would work...I liked it, but I didn't love it.  My boys were CrAzY about it and wanted me to get both.  So I bought them...thinking, I'll make them work.  Ha!    

Honestly, I had major buyers remorse.  Major.  

First, the color was wrong. 
I was planning on putting them in our great room, facing the kitchen.  The great room is full of brown...walls, couches, piano, table, recliner.    

Second, the two chairs were a different color. 
One seemed to have yellowed in the sun?  

So...I stained them.  Brown.  I liked it better, not so yellowed.  But the darn stain stayed tacky even after I took some mineral spirits after it.  Then I did lacquer thinner and that helped.  A little.  

They had an oily feel that I couldn't remove...
so I had a can of General Finishes wax in Pickle that the color had 
settled to the bottom of the can.  So I used those chunks and gave the stupid chairs a coat of that.  I was certain they were going to end up in the trash.  

Before and After. 

Here they are today...
my mom recovered the burgundy cushions in a 
nice green and brought them today.    

So, I'm still not sure.  

I like the white...I have been trying to add hints of it into my home.  
This is a big hint.   


Thanks for reading.  


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