Saturday, April 30, 2011

Versatile Mission Piece

Renae found this piece at a rummage sale all icky with cobwebs & a very thick layer of dust/yuckiness!  We grabbed a large ice cream container, filled it with water & Murphy's Oil Soap & scrubbed away.  When we got all of the ick off, we realized that this piece didn't need a paint job ~ it is beautiful!  

We coated it with a clear, smooth wax & waa-llla!  Honestly...I think it looks like it came out of the pages of Pottery Barn!  Very versatile ~ foyer/entry/sofa table ~ possibly a desk?  You be the judge...

Measures 42"w x 26"d x 28"tall


Available for purchase
contact ~

Shabby Tray



Isn't this a nice tray?  There could be so many uses for it...

I imagine putting it on a coffee table to hold cups of tea/coffee 
(whichever suits your fancy), maybe in a guest bathroom to hold cotton balls, 
q-tips, washcloths, or maybe even in a girls bedroom to 
hold lip gloss, hair accessories and lotions?  

If you happened to see Renae's blog about boxes last week, you may also want to use one of her ideas to use it as a wall hanging?  
I think that would be really cute, also!

It is really fun to "repurpose" something & use it for a completely different reason then what it was originally intended for.  The sky is the limit ~ try it yourself & you will be amazed what you can come up with!


Available for purchase at Not Too Shabby in the Gateway Mall. 

Friday, April 29, 2011


This side table has a unique weathered look with a 
hint of cream, blue and dark brown.  

Perfect as a bedside table, side table, small bookshelf 
or in the guest bath to hold towels.  

26" wide, 14" deep and 24" tall

This item is available for purchase...
please contact us at

Thanks Wendy!

Aging Beautifully



This piece is really lovely.  

The details on it are so delicate & pretty.  
We painted the piece cream & then in just a few spots, added robin egg blue.  We were very impressed with ourselves when this was finished.  

It looks perfectly aged (now if I can only age that perfectly....)!!


This piece sold right out of the garage...
didn't even have a chance to send it to Not Too Shabby!  
Thanks Michelle!  

Please give "Mike the Furniture Mover" a refill on his coffee.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chell's Cool Pieces

Our friend Chell once again asked us to paint pieces for her!  
We are so happy that she likes our work and she also has 
some neat ideas for us to try.  

An example is the side table with just the edges painted black & distressed ~ who would've looks really good 
(maybe she will send a few pictures our way of the 
pieces in her house ~hint, hint)! 

The two black frames in the background are hers, also.  
Can you tell by my garage that there is no room for me to park my van ~ 
ha, maybe someday...or maybe I need a bigger garage!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011




It is so simple and reminds me of a small version of a "farmhouse" table.  
We used a robin egg blue paint and after the paint dried, 
we waxed the table to really give it a "shabby chic" look.

Mission accomplished!

The dimensions are:  40"w x 30"d x 30"h

Available for purchase ~ 
contact us at

$100 ~ Sold.  Thanks Juanita! 


As I described yesterday, I have a thing for boxes.  
As I was putting away the easter decorations and pulling out some spring decor...I noticed I have a thing for roosters too.  

Remember when ducks and apples where the rage for kitchen decor?  
My mom had ducks everywhere in her kitchen many years ago and 
I had apples as a newlywed.  Ugh.  
Glad that fad has passed.   

I like the quirky-ness of the roosters that share the kitchen with me...but I won't be adding any dishes or canisters with their motif painted on them.  

Enjoy the day. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


  During our massive garage cleanup this past weekend, 
my husband pulled this crusty box from the depths of his of
overstuffed cupboards and I quickly snatched it up.  

After scrubbing it up, I set it in the sun to dry...then I painted it using a dry brush method and some new wax I received last it.

As I was looking for its new home...I found that I have a thing for boxes.  
Take a look at the various types of boxes I have throughout my home...
they are all old and most of them are empty. 

I love the character they add to my home.  

These are hung on a wall in my kitchen...a old bench sits beneath them.  

This old toolbox has seen every season...
I think I will move it to the dining room today with some gerber daisies. 

Another old toolbox that proudly holds some bright green artichokes.  

This box with lots of cubby holes is a new piece for me...I bought it to sell as part of Green Briar Goods, but I had the perfect spot for it.  

This toolbox was found in Minnesota several years ago and 
soon it will hang above my mantel with the collection pictured below.  

More boxes...these are from the guest bathroom.  

Hope this post gives you a few fun ideas...everything has potential.  

Thanks for looking. 
Coming soon...a buffet, dresser and side tables.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Office Chair

This is going to be quite a piece...
the pressed leather seat is in perfect condition and it has a unique tin back.  
The back cushion is going to be re-done by the owner, Michelle.  

We cleaned it up and gave it a unique black finish, distressed and waxed it.  
Thanks Michelle...enjoy.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This mirror was primed, painted and antiqued...and the difference is amazing. 

 Below is the "before" picture.  Yes.  Bright Gold.  

Beth from Not Too Shabby sent this home with us to spruce it up...
again, the difference is amazing!    

This item is available for purchase at Not Too Shabby. 

24" x 36"  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This small buffet turned out great...but not without a few headaches.  
One word: hinges. Grrrr.  

It is absolutely adorable and would work anywhere in your home...
even the bathroom.  Honestly, it is the perfect size.  

46" wide, 13" deep and 31" high.  

This item is available for purchase at Not Too Shabby in the Gateway Mall.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For The Lake

We have been helping furnish a lake home with several 
fun aqua and black pieces for our friend Michelle...
and she recently asked us to paint a 
mirror, step stool and wooden game board 
to add to the lake "stash."  

We did an old wooden office chair too...
but forgot to take a picture.  Dang, it was cool.  

Lots more posts to come...busy week.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tons of Character

This hutch is gorgeous!  It was a big undertaking...
but the results are amazing. 

 Beth from Not Too Shabby 
found this amazing hutch and asked us to paint it...
the inside was painted a beautiful turquoise color and the exterior in a soft cream.  The entire hutch was heavily distressed and antiqued.  

The base has amazing details and the pulls are perfect...
there is even a little turquoise on the fronts of the doors.

This hutch is front and center at the entrance of 
Not Too Shabby in the Gateway Mall.

Open Thursday thru MONDAY!