Saturday, October 27, 2012

Map Of The World

  We "had" a big empty wall at the top of our stairs...
it needed something. But what?  

I was inspired this fall when I saw a large wall map from Ikea...
it was a canvas and had lots of details.  It looked like it would be perfect, 
but we don't have an Ikea within 500 miles from here. 

So, I improvised.  And I like it better. 


Big. Bare. Brown. Boring. 

I ordered a large, non-laminated map from Amazon.  It measures 48" x 77".  I rolled it out on the dining room table to let it flatten out.

My original plan was to cut the map apart and place it on these boards.  As I was laying it out, my husband suggested I use foam core.  He's brilliant!  

I dashed to Staples and bought 4 sheets of 30" x 40" black 
foam core board and started planning a layout.  

Using a sheetrock thingy and a sharp blade, I cut the core and the map.  Then, I sprayed the foam core with spray adhesive and smoothed on the map pieces.  

Easy peasy. Right?  

It was. Really!  

After. Love it.  
Our geography test scores will be off the charts!  

I used Command Strips to hang the boards with no issues.  

Isn't the spacing neat?  
I think it adds a little something.  
What?  I don't know...I just like it.  

Look at all the great details.  Hello Bismarck:)    

Enjoy your weekend.  


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