Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lots Of Pieces To Love

I have to admit it.  I did not want to be outside yesterday afternoon.  
I just wanted to be inside...out of the sun and in the a/c.  

I know, it was gorgeous outside. 

Temperatures in the 80's and low humidity.  We have had a gorgeous summer filled with all kinds of outside fun in the pool and on the beautiful Missouri River...I will be taking advantage of both today and decided that yesterday I could be inside.  

So I got to work on a few projects that have been staring at me all summer.  

Recently I did a few pieces for a friend, Marcene.  
She asked if I would do another sewing table for her guest room 
(she is using them as night stands). I had told her I would wait for a "rainy day" and complete it.  Well we haven't had any rain, so it's been in my garage for a while.   

It was in pretty tough shape and when you start taking it apart...
there are "lots of pieces to love."  Seriously, I should have taken pictures or organized the screws and hinges better.  Nothing matched up, screws were bent and the little arm that holds the top in place when open is another story.  I told my son that if I went crazy, he could tell people that a little piece of metal caused it.  

Wow.  So pretty in ASCP in Old White.  

All the "pieces" were painted an antique bronze. 

Inside there was a cute little storage area for needles and thread.  

It came together beautifully!  

I can't wait for Marcene to see it.  

Thanks again for visiting our blog.  


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