Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beachy Bath

Our boys have never really used their upstairs bathroom...they go the bathroom in there, but they have always showered in our master bath and brushed their teeth and combed their hair in the guest bath.  Why?  Not sure.  

The decorating in their bathroom was okay...remnants from the dinosaur days, some of their artwork, hand-me-down shower curtain and accessories.  
It needed an update. So, one night as my husband cruised away on the 
boat to meet up with some high school friends...we went shopping.  

It was fun.  We popped through Kohls and the boys had fun laughing at the shower curtains that they thought looked like dresses.  No luck there.  

Next was my ever reliable TJ Maxx...Thomas walked in and saw all the fun college gear and exclaimed "I love TJ Maxx".  He was serious...there are treasures everywhere.  
But we had no luck. 

We were in search of a beach we headed off to Target.  
And guess what?  

We found EVERYTHING we needed to achieve our beach theme.  

Shower curtain in navy and white stripes ($14.99) and a framed 
starfish print (on sale $16.99).  I had found the towel hooks a couple years ago on major clearance (at Target) and finally put them to use.  The walls are painted a soft tan by Sherwin Williams (they look yellow, but they are tan).  

The towels and rugs they had in the bathroom were navy and the green that you see in the above picture.  They were like new and did not need to be we were able to find the perfect shower curtain and use the current towels and rugs. 

The frames below previously held the boys' artwork.  
We had lots of shells that their Great-Grandma Lois had collected over the we placed them on the photocopier to make prints.  

This one was larger that our copier could we cut 2" squares and made this.  It is awesome...and free!  

Here are the other two they made.  Love them.  

We found this fish ($19.99) and the lantern ($16.99) below at Target too.  We filled the lantern with the shells from Grandma Lois.  Love them!  

A couple closer pictures of the shell art we created.  

The final touch was a new light.  The old one was dreadful.  
Now it's modern and fun.  

The best part...they love it and they use it for #1, #2, showers, teeth and hair!  No more chunks of toothpaste in my guest bath.  Mission accomplished.  

FYI:  We arrived home at about 9:30 that night and got to work.  Finished it up at about 11:00.  They loved pulling it all together.  

We've recently redecorated their bedrooms (Casey's room and Thomas' room) and I find that if you let them have some input, use their ideas and work together...they will appreciate it and take care of it.  


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