Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wall of Mirrors

My Foyer. Before. 

I had one black framed mirror above the lawyers couch...
it needed something more, but what?  

Side table, plants, etc...nothing seems to be just right.  
The couch is staying there, so I need to work with the wall.  

I have a number of unique old mirrors stashed in a closet 
and have been thinking of creating a wall of mirrors.  I pulled out some stuff, traced it onto Christmas wrap, cut it out and tried a few layouts on the floor.  

This is what I came up with.

I wanted all the  mirrors to look cohesive, so I painted them Pure White by ASCP.  I kept one mirror in its wood tone and hesitated about painting another one...but in the end, I painted it and it looks great.  

I found that the gift wrap taped to the wall helped so much...
I could see the layout, make adjustments and when I decided it was good, 
it made hanging the mirrors a breeze.  I simply measured the wires or 
hanging brackets on each piece, measured the same distance on the 
paper, started my anchor and pulled the paper away.  Brilliant.  

My Foyer.  After.  

I've had this mirror forever.  It was painted and distressed before that was cool:)  It was cream and gold.  I like it much better in white.  

This was a black shiny mirror from Wal-Mart several years ago.  
I like how I aged it a little bit by adding white paint and distressing it.  

This is the mirror I hesitated painting...we've had it since we bought our first home in Grand Forks.  I remember Mike trying to hang it on a stud by screwing random holes along the wall.  Nice.  He's come a long way.  

The white freshened it up and gave it new life. 

The uppermost mirror with the diamond was originally purchased at Hobby Lobby.  It was black.  I like the texture it adds to the wall. 

I was unsure about leaving the oval mirror and old tool box wood tone...but I like it.  The wood on the oval mirror is gorgeous and it is similar to the wood on the couch.  The two pieces add a little character and help with the cohesive look I was going for.  

I like it...hope Mike and the boys do too.  
We'll have to get used to seeing our reflections as we walk down the hall.


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