Monday, April 16, 2012

Fabric Sling Bookshelf

I've been an avid fan of Pinterest for some time now.  I've pinned many things & just haven't had the time to make them.....but there was 1 pin that I just kept coming back to & that one was by  She posted a pin that was titled How to Make a Fabric Sling Bookshelf & it was soooo cute, that I've been itching to try it!

My little 3 year old loves to be read to (most 3 year olds do)!!  Anyway, she has a bookcase that is full & now that she is in a "big girl bed", I'm finding that lazy mom (that would be me)....  reads a bunch of stories, & then tosses them gently over the side of the bed when I'm finished (instead of walking over to the bookcase to put them away.....if you know me, this doesn't surprise you)!!!

How to Make a Fabric Sling Bookshelf via (this is the picture from the website that sold me on making one for my daughter)

When I saw the fabric sling bookshelf mounted on the wall right next to the bed, I knew this was a project I NEEDED to do! has a great tutorial on how to make this if you want to check out her website.  I will attempt to show you how I used my very minimal sewing ability to make one for my daughter....(P.S.  if I can do this, ANYONE can do this ~ trust me)!

Step 1:  Go & find yourself some fun fabric (you'll need 1 1/3 yard), bring it home & wash it!

Step 2:  Go to Lowes or wherever you prefer & buy (2) double brackets (I found them in the drapery section)

Step 3:  Buy (2) 48" long round dowels (5/8" diameter)

Sew right sides together... sew short side, long side, and half way up the other short...

turn your fabric right sides out & then sew up the half that you left open to turn fabric through...

I just used my sewing machine to stitch up the half side...

measure 2" up and pin the first long side...

sew the first long side... then, repeat on the second long side..

when your finished, it will look like your dowels in & your done with the sewing...pretty easy!

just another picture of your finished sling

This is a picture of the brackets I bought (about $5 each)

I definitely recommend that you try this project if you have an avid reader or a little one who likes to pick out his/her own books & has their favorites that they like to read on a daily basis!  I'm going to switch out the books in the sling once a week to mix it up a little!! 

My 11 year old daughter saw this completed & thought maybe she would like to have one....  you could make this for any age group (doesn't just have to be for little ones)

Thanks to for this awesome project (which by the way cost $20 total for everything...sweet)!

Happy Reading,

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