Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A New Room for Casey

 It's time for Casey to have a real room...
not just legos and clothes. A room with a bed.

After the Missouri River flood in 2011, I did some re-organizing.  We sold his twin bed and moved the Legos into his room.  That is where it ended. 

So we have revamped his room and gave it a BED...
and some different furniture and decor. 

Old dresser and the drapes I took out of Thomas' room.  

Both will be for sale on Bisman.  

New dresser.  Before.  

New Dresser. After.  

We painted it Old White and Barcelona Orange.  Its distressed a little and waxed, of course.  The handles were painted an antique bronze.  

Legos.  Before.  Ugh.  

Legos. After.  

We moved the Lego table into the nook in front of his window and all of the bins of sorted lego pieces went into this great cabinet that we have had for years. 

New Headboard, bedding and pillows.  

We made the headboard from pieces wood, painted them Old White, distressed and added some dark wax to age it.  Click here to see the tutorial.  

I wasn't sure if I loved it or not when it was sitting in my garage...but once it was in the room I knew it was perfect.  

The other day I had 10 minutes to pop into TJ Maxx and see if they had 
any new bedding that would coordinate with his room.  I had ordered 
two sets online, but they were not quite right.  So, I dashed in and 
I found the PERFECT quilt, shams and coordinating pillows!  I didn't have 
a cart so my arms were filled and the checkout line was long...and I was 
running late. Oh well, I made it and I had exactly what we were looking for.  

Do you ever notice that when you don't grab a cart at Target, 
the grocery store or TJ Maxx that you find tons of stuff?  

The Headboard.  

We had the nightstand and decided that it worked perfectly 
with his new dresser and headboard.  

Casey spent a little time last night cleaning out his "junk" drawer and placed his slippers that Grandma Kathy brought back from China beside his bed. When he came down for breakfast this morning, he had them on. Too cute.  

Beside the Lego table, we added a piece of metal for pictures, 
awards and artwork.  The clipboards make changing pictures a breeze and the metal bins will be perfect for Lego magazines.  

Casey's room turned out great and he loves it.  He and Thomas have been sleeping together forever and they both slept in their own rooms last night.  They looked like Kings tucked into the middle of their big beds. 

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  1. How did you do the metal bins? Did you buy them/make them? I am looking for mazazine rack-ish things to corral libary books on each kid's wall!!!

    1. I had it for some time...but I know they have similar ones at TJ Maxx.