Sunday, April 1, 2012

Homemade Headboard

Meet Casey.  He's Cool.

We are working on redecorating his room and we found a 
headboard on Pinterest that he liked.  So, after three hockey games 
and a hockey party...we headed to Lowe's to pick up some wood.  

Before we left for the day, I spent a little time measuring so I could have Aaron at Lowe's cut the wood and save my husband a little time (so he can prep the taxes).  He thought I was a little nutty, but appreciated how prepared I was.  

Here it is laid out...oops, back to Lowe's for another brace 
and shorter nails for the nail gun.  

I softened the edges with my palm sander and removed the rough spots.  

Now we wait.  For Mike.  Taxes.  

He helped me get it level, square and nailed together.  

I filled the holes and sanded it down.  Then I gave it a couple thin coats of ASCP in Old White, distressed and waxed it with both clear and dark wax.  

Here it is!  In the garage.  

Tomorrow I will buff it and attach it to the wall.  I like it so far...I wish I would have stained the wood, then painted it.  I couldn't tell what was sanded between the white wood and the light paint.  Oh well, I added some dark wax to age it. 

I'll share the final product once the room is all pulled together. 


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