Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Clean Up Garbage Week = Interesting Finds....

This morning I dropped 2 of my 3 kiddos off at school, and decided to make my way to find junk sitting on the boulevards of people's homes...yes, that's right, Spring Clean-Up Week!!!  I purchased a car DVD player last week just for this special occasion ~ need-less to say, Barney was blaring in the backseat with a happy toddler....for the time being.

I was so looking forward to this morning and decided to commemorate it with a Starbucks (1 pump vanilla soy latte) to be exact.  My plans changed when there were many cars in front of mine & I knew precious toddler happy time would soon come to an end and I couldn't waste it.  Thank goodness I had already drank 2 cups of strong coffee prior to my morning departure!

I immediately found that goofy 2 tiered side table seen above.  Next, I found a heavy little side table that housed an old Singer sewing machine in it....pretty cool.  Then, probably 6 blocks away, I found an almost matching sewing table...this one did not contain a sewing machine, though ~ how strange that I found 2 sewing tables!!  The little green chair definitely needs some repair,  but has potential for one of my children's rooms.

My quick trip out this morning ended with 4 pieces of furniture, and a pretty happy toddler with the help of Barney!  I will chalk this up as a success.  I may even try again tomorrow morning.....stay tuned....


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