Tuesday, April 26, 2011


  During our massive garage cleanup this past weekend, 
my husband pulled this crusty box from the depths of his of
overstuffed cupboards and I quickly snatched it up.  

After scrubbing it up, I set it in the sun to dry...then I painted it using a dry brush method and some new wax I received last week...love it.

As I was looking for its new home...I found that I have a thing for boxes.  
Take a look at the various types of boxes I have throughout my home...
they are all old and most of them are empty. 

I love the character they add to my home.  

These are hung on a wall in my kitchen...a old bench sits beneath them.  

This old toolbox has seen every season...
I think I will move it to the dining room today with some gerber daisies. 

Another old toolbox that proudly holds some bright green artichokes.  

This box with lots of cubby holes is a new piece for me...I bought it to sell as part of Green Briar Goods, but I had the perfect spot for it.  

This toolbox was found in Minnesota several years ago and 
soon it will hang above my mantel with the collection pictured below.  

More boxes...these are from the guest bathroom.  

Hope this post gives you a few fun ideas...everything has potential.  

Thanks for looking. 
Coming soon...a buffet, dresser and side tables.


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  1. You've got a great collection! I love how you hung some of them on the wall.