Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rummage Sale Weekend 2012

A few weeks ago Bismarck was crazy.  
Crazy with rummage sales.  

There were signs, cars ands sales on almost every street.  

Unfortunately, neither Heather or I were able to get to that many...but we did have some luck.  We will be painting these pieces soon, so let us know if you are interested in anything and we can custom paint it for you.  

Nice dresser.  Functions perfectly.  

I was noticing the checkerboard pattern on the drawers.  
Thinking of a fade of pinks, blues or turquoise with a white body.

Loved this little piece.  

This could be used as a bench or coffee table.  
There is even storage inside.  

This will look 150% better with a coat of paint. 

Big. Sturdy. Desk. 

I'm thinking of doing an fade on the drawers.
Fade from black to gray?  White body?  

This is a nice desk with a hutch and chair.  I'm thinking white for the main body and maybe a color on the drawers and inside of hutch.  

The small table on top is for me:)  

I bought the base of this table for my Uncle Roger.  He is going to use it for the bottom of an old game table he refinished.  

This door was $5.  It is old and perfect.  
I put it in the guest room and it is just what that empty wall needed.  

Let us know if you see anything you like!


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