Thursday, January 19, 2012


I made this sign today...for the upstairs bath that my two boys share.  
We obviously have a problem.  

My boys are 7 and 10, they both can read and now I hope they both will flush.  
Enough said.  

At one point their bathroom had dinosaur paintings done on canvas...I switched those out a while ago, but saved the paintings.  I re-used the largest one and used the same technique as in my earlier post that you can find here.

The vinyl letters are from Hobby Lobby in three different sizes and I used leftover paint from our house...lemon verbana and navajo white (Sherwin Williams).  

I distressed it quite heavily as I did have some paint bleed through...I don't know if the latex paint or the canvas that caused the issue, but it didn't bleed through with the chalk paint and the paper print that I used before.   

I like how a little of the blue peeked through.  

My boys think it is hilarious and as I sit here typing this post 
I just heard my husband say "Who didn't flush?"  

I think I need to put one in every bathroom or 
start charging them when I find an un-flushed toilet.  


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