Monday, January 9, 2012


I've been wanting to do this project for a while and when my husband called to say he could pick up the kids from school...I got started.  

This is a print from Kohl's that used to hang in our upstairs hallway.  After we repainted this summer, I knew it wouldn't be used again as it was...
but I knew it had potential.  

As I was clearing my desk today I found a set of vinyl wall words that I have intended on hanging in one of our boys' rooms for quite some time...
but putting it on the wall is so...permanent.  

First, I put two coats of old white paint on the picture. This is an unframed picture that is sturdy...not a canvas, but that would work too. 

I measured and adjusted the words to fit the dimensions of the picture...
the word CHARACTER just fit.  

It was meant to be.  

I attached the wall vinyls following the package instructions and 
sealed them real good with the tool they provide.  

Then a coat of graphite paint was 
applied over the entire surface. 

Once the graphite paint was dry, I used a razor blade to lift the vinyl and peel it off.  It was going well, until RIP!  The "A" was connected to the letter below it and I tore the paper on the original picture.  If I hadn't had three little boys watching me I would have used a few choice words.  Dang. 

So, I got out my pencil and drew in some lines and painted around them.  

Not too bad of a repair job...even my husband was impressed. The paper backing is a little crinkly...a canvas would work perfect for this project.  

I lightly sanded the edges and the entire surface to age it a little and blend in some of the paint that bled through.  

I covered it with a little wax and buffed it.  I propped it up in the guest room, but it will hang in our oldest son's room...hopefully as a constant reminder. 

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  1. Very cute. I remember a quote that goes something like: "Reputation is what other people think of you. Character is what you know you are." Or something like that anyway. I like the emphasis on honesty in the craft. Really nice.

  2. I think it looks great! I don't think I would have even thought to go over an existing picture, but what a great idea.