Monday, January 28, 2013

Organizing My Life

Just like millions of other Americans, 
I resolved in 2013 to organize my life, eat better and exercise more.  

For the most part, I have had great success.  I have completed a couple major organizing tasks in my home, I hit the gym 3-4 times per week and we are eating lots of veggies and cutting carbs.  

My most recent organizing project was my home office.  
I share it with a fridge, freezer, washer, dryer and too many coats and pairs of shoes to count.  

My biggest frustration is that I have no drawers for all the little stuff.  
Yes, I had a great file cabinet...but my desk top was always covered with EVERYTHING.  
Plus, my work area was very left sided and I typically have an extra computer going and I was all squished in there.  Ugh.  



So after spending countless hours on Pinterest and looking for just the right file cabinet...I created this.  And I love it.  


The top is a $5 door from the bargain area at Menards.  I stained it, then added stripes in Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint.  I sealed it with a few coats of dark wax to age it.  

The file cabinets are from Walmart.  I looked everywhere and they were the only place that had what I wanted.  I'm big on quality and doing things right the first I hesitated a little, but when I saw the same ones at Target (wrong color), I was sold.  They were $40.  I initially bought two, but decided a third one would we'll add that one later. 

See the nice little drawer at the top.  Perfect.  

I had pinned this sign a long time a ago and still loved it as I was searching for some artwork.  This canvas has been painted with a dinosaur, words to remind my children to flush and now this.  Free!  

I snagged this paper holder from my son's has sat empty for two years.  Mine.  

I am loving it.  
Now it's time to get both computers going and pull out my files...I have work to do.  


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