Sunday, March 25, 2012

For Thomas

We FINALLY found a dresser that Thomas approved of and started 
planning for a bedroom makeover.  He is quite picky and has lots of ideas of his own.  So, I "pinned" a number of ideas and we came up with a plan.  

The Dresser.  Before.  

The Dresser.  After.  

I painted the body of the dresser Old White and the drawers are 
Graphite and Antibes Green from Annie Sloan.  

It is lightly keep the "modern" look my son was looking for.  
We sprayed the handles bright white.  

Yesterday we added a 5' piece of roofing metal...
its much cheaper than sheet metal ($15 for 10 feet).

Now he has a place to display artwork, pictures and awards. 

Looks good...and he LIKES it!  

The Bookshelf.  Before.  

I painted the bookshelf white and added a "quilt" of coordinating papers 
to the inside of it.  I simply cut squares of paper, put them in 
place randomly and covered the surface with Modge Podge 
(my third project this week that included it).  

The Bookshelf.  After.  

Love it!  I love the pop of orange that the lamp provides.  
I used scrapbook papers in gray, green and white patterns.  

Bedding.  Same as before, just added a pop of orange.  

We added the hanging book rack to store Lego magazines and other books.  I used tall, round garbage cans to store the immense number of Nerf guns. These also work great in the garage for hockey sticks, baseball bats and tennis rackets.   

Love this idea that I found on, easy and cool. 

I had created this piece a while back and you can find a tutorial here.

After quite a bit of planning, I think the room came together perfectly.  
Thomas thinks it great...and that's what matters.  



  1. This dresser is fantastic! The love the colours you chose for it :) And the magnetic board is genius !

    1. Thanks! We did a lot of planning and searching for ideas. What did we do before the internet? Thanks for commenting and visiting our blog.

  2. Your dresser turned out great. Love the drama. The mix of colors really add dimension.

    1. Thanks for your comment! It did turn out nice...I have a similar one in the works for my younger son.

  3. that is so fun and awesome! i love the color combo!

    1. Thanks for the comment. We had LOTS of discussions on the color and we looked at LOTS of pictures. Thanks for visiting...I will have a similar one in tan and orange coming up next week.

  4. I love the dresser! It is so updated and modern, but fun in a boy's room because of the colors.

    1. Thanks...he loves it! Thanks for visiting.

  5. His room looks great! Really liking that dresser...nice!

    1. I love it too! Working on my younger sons room, tan, greeen and navy. Pics coming soon on our blog.