Sunday, November 6, 2011

Retro Desk

This desk had been sitting in my garage for a month or so...I just couldn't decide what I wanted for this piece.  Initially I sanded the top down and stained it, but it didn't look right on such a modern piece.  

I thought white...glossy white.  But it was too white.  

So I added a little 'hot" pink to the drawers.  Now it is perfect.  

The drawers provide lots of storage space and 
the large one has removable dividers. 

Plus it has side storage compartments.  

This desk is very versatile.  
It can seat two people if set in a room like I have it or 
set it against the wall for one. 

Perfect for two little girls and their art projects.  

The removable top measures 30" wide and 43" long.  

Available for purchase ~ contact us at



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