Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm Hooked

This is my laundry room.'s a disaster.  It is actually a very useful space and envied by many, but today it must be in a bad mood.  

See that empty wall?  
Well, I have been wanting hooks running the entire length...12 feet. 

8" x 6' white boards

Painted Lemon Verbana by Sherwin Williams 
(same as the wall color)


Fumigating a couple of antique pieces that got moldy while in storage...nice.  

Wax paper taped on the wall...
this will allow me to wax the boards once they are hung. 

My husband...happily helping me with my project.  
He LOVES projects.  

I patiently waited for the hooks to be added...
my parents saved the day and finished the job for me.  

Look at that!  
A spot for the backpacks, beach towels and my painting clothes.  

I obviously tidied up the space for the "photo shoot." is my next project.  Ugh.  

Enjoy your weekend.  

Stay tuned...we have a couple pieces that will be available at Not Too Shabby, plus a dresser and a couple desks that will be available for purchase.  

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