Thursday, September 15, 2011

My New Best Friend's a Lego head!  

As many of you know we were evacuated from our home for most of the summer and have been back living in our home for almost a month.  All of our possessions were removed from the house due to fears of our home being flooded and mold reaching the ceiling...but were worked hard and were able to keep the flood waters out.  

As the boxes, bins and bags of "stuff" came streaming back into our home...I knew we needed to reduce.  So I have been throwing, donating and reorganizing for weeks. 

When it came to organizing our massive amount of Legos...I was at a loss.  So I turned to the internet and did some research...that's where I found my new friend.  

Simply pile the Legos in, cover and shake.  

It sorts them into large, medium and small trays.  

I had painted this shelving unit in Casey's room and bought some clear bins to store all the "sorted" legos.  The boys love it...and it is so easy.  

The train table was converted to a lego table and everything is 
conveniently located in Casey's room.  

Nerf guns and light sabers are tough to store...I bought these round garbage cans and they work perfectly.  Thomas has a couple in his room too.  

Casey used to have an air hockey table in his room and it had tons of toys stored on the top and underneath.  When we decided to relocate the Legos to his room we moved the air hockey table out and across the street to the neighbors future game room.  

So, I started stashing toy bins all over the place...closets, under beds and in the donate pile.  I knew that this wasn't going to work for them or me...I'm not a "stasher" and if they can't get to the toys easily, they are not going to play with them (or put them away).  

Thus, I sacrificed my storage closet...yes the closet that housed framed pictures, home decor, gifts, gift bags, boxes and bows.  It was packed, but it gave me the opportunity to clean it out...thus another loaded suburban headed to Goodwill. 

It works perfectly.   

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