Monday, May 2, 2011

Mantel Makeover

The jury is still out on this one...
we had a stormy day yesterday so I enlisted my husband in a few projects.  
I had been building a stash of stuff to put above my mantel with a vision of simplicity in my head.  Well...I'm not so sure about the finished product. 

It's better now that the ladders, tools and extra stuff are out of the I simplified the cubbies on the side (and dusted). 

Lots of anchors and screws were used to hang this heavy stuff...
so I think it will stay for a while.  



  1. I think you just need something taller on the left side to balance out the height with the mirrors on the left. Do you have any bulky candle holders , mayber mercury glass, the taller on the outside and a shorter on the inside with chunky candles. I have also seen spool candle holders that would go with your woodsy and toolbox theme. If you ever are interested in a splash of color you could stack quilt quarters vertically in your boxes or yarn. I am a sucker for fabric and/or texture.

  2. Thanks for the ideas...I agree, it does need to be balanced out on the left. The mirror I have leaning on the box was too similar in height to the other box...thus the "lean" as it may not stay. Ha! This project has been sitting on the floor in a heap for weeks. I like the idea of it, but it doesn't quite fit right now...oh well, guess I will keep shopping. Thanks for the note! Your family is beautiful! We lived in northern MN for a few years...near Erskine on Union Lake. Love it. Take care.