Friday, May 18, 2012

Orange Soda Pop!

end tables ~ before.. shiny & glossy (had to sand & degloss)

coffee table ~ before

super cute ~ love these pieces!

coffee table

night stand #1

nightstand #2

fun pieces ~ end tables would be perfect night stands on either side of a bed!

O.k....  Kind of a cheesy title for this adorable end table(s)/coffee table set, but....
these cute pieces reminded me of the old days when Sunkist Soda was the yummiest thing around.  The color is perfectly orange (ASCP Barcelona to be exact)!

These pieces are great & as I was painting them, I think I came up with 100 different places they would look great in a home!  I will not list all 100, but here is a few:

  • Children's room (coffee table for board games/coloring/etc.)
  • Pre-teen/Teenager's room (funky colors to go with their funky personalities)!
  • Rec Room/Family Room (any area where kids hang out with friends)
  • Fun outdoor furniture (I don't know how well this would work, but sprayed with a Rustoleum or some kind of sealer, I imagine they would hold up)
  • Children's Play Room
  • Eclectic Office Area
  • Spare bedroom (with some fun bedding & lamps ~ could lay out fun magazines or books on)
Enough with my suggestions....  I just think they are so fun & unique ~ very retro pieces!!

Thanks for visiting,
Heather :)


End Tables ~ 24"long x 15 1/2"deep x 21"tall

Coffee Table ~ 36"long x 17 1/2"deep x 13 1/2"tall


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