Sunday, June 5, 2011


Some of you may have noticed that there hasn't been as many posts on our site lately.  The community we live in~ Bismarck, ND ~is currently undergoing massive flooding by the nearby Missouri River.  It is affecting thousands directly, and the whole community indirectly.  It has been a sad time for everyone dealing with the unknown, but also a time where you see neighbors, friends, and strangers banding together to help save as many people's homes as possible!

My furniture counterpart & wonderful friend, Renae, is personally affected with the flood waters making their way to her family's home.  Between Renae & I, we have so many friends/family being affected, also.  Many people have been evacuated from their homes for an amount of time that is "yet to be seen".  This massive flooding is expected to last the entire summer.

Please keep our community in your thoughts & prayers!!

Happy Summer to all of you & to our friends/family in Bismarck!

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